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Brazil L’Oréal & Galderma Prize of Social Responsibility in Dermatology

The Brazilian Society of Dermatology is the second largest national organization of dermatologists in the world. Over 6000 of its members serve the Brazilian population, a ratio of dermatologists to patients that is comparable to that of the U.S.A. The organization celebrated its centenary at the 67th Rio de Janeiro Congress in September 2012. The 4-day event served to highlight Brazilian excellence in skin research and medical education.

Galderma opened the centenary ceremony with a prize, offered in partnership with L’Oreal, to award the dermatologist with the most innovative social project. The objective was to demonstrate the kinds of social activities that can benefit patients in the areas of prevention, quality of life, getting access to health and social inclusion. A Jury of five distinguished BSD dermatologists chose the winning project out of 24 submissions.

The award went to Professor Vidal Haddad, Associate Professor in the Department of Dermatology at the Medical University of Botucatu, for his original work on the fishermen of Brazil. His research involved community education for the treatment and prevention of poisoning in an aquatic environment and sought to better understand the culture within the fishing industry. It also offered possibilities for better treatment and prevention of accidents and skin infections.

Following and rewarding local initiatives is a key commitment for Galderma as it contributes widely to better dermatological practice and gives visibility to such social projects.

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