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Galderma offers specific training support on key topics such as Dermatoscopy, SDT and writing Clinical Research Articles

Galderma is the main partner of the French Dermatology Teachers College (Collège des Enseignants en Dermatologie de France: C.E.D.E.F). The aim of this partnership is to share knowledge with the students.

Three trainings are offered to four trainings per years.

The first is about Dermatoscopy. It is a technology in dermatology which helps identify and monitor melanoma and nevus lesions. Galderma has implemented this specific Dermatoscopy training since 2008. It is led by Professor Luc Thomas and takes place once a year during one day in Lyon. 300 students have already participated and about 50 to 60 students register every year.

The second training is about STD. There are two annual sessions which are designed to train dermatology students on STDs. This is a mandatory training for them. It is prepared in conjunction with the CEDEF and the MST group SFD, Galderma has implemented these training sessions since 2012. The training is led by Dr. Michel Janier. Each session lasts one day in Paris at the Saint Louis Hospital.100 interns have already participated.

The third training is about writing clinical research articles. Students are required to have at least 5 articles written in their CV. Over 180 students have already taken the session and about 30 students register every year. Galderma has implemented this training since 2007. The training is led by Professor Gérard Lorette and Pascal Joly. It is held in Paris over two days.

Galderma is proud of supporting this project and investing on the education of the tomorrow’s dermatologists.

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