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Philippines: A one-day Child Skin Care Clinic

Skin diseases among children are rarely diagnosed and treated in the Philippines. The Philippine Dermatological Society has only six pediatric dermatologists and very few ways to reach the public. “Sometimes it’s hard to identify what a rash is and that’s why it’s very important to go to a doctor,” says Dr. Donna Sarrosa, Pediatric Dermatologist and member of the Philippine Dermatological Society.

Galderma partnered with the Philippine Dermatological Society to conduct a one-day Free Skincare Clinic on July 3rd 2012. It was held in the largest mall of Mandaluyong City, a dynamic business district of the Manila Metropolitan area. Mothers and young women were given the chance to learn about the various skin diseases and treatments available for toddlers and children. The ‘Kutis ng Bata Alagang Derma’ event was made possible by coordinating with the six Pediatric Dermatologists in the Philippine Dermatological Society and with the partnership of L’Oreal Paris. One particular aim is to educate people about Atopic Dermatitis, popularly known locally as skin asthma and other skin diseases.

The highlight of the event was a series of talks where the following topics were discussed by the six Pediatric Dermatologists:

1) Skin Care for Babies

2) Sun Protection

3) Skin Irritants & Bites

4) Warts & Pimples

5) Contact and other forms of Dermatitis

6) Atopic Dermatitis.

Along the day free skin consultations were offered with some interactive games and entertainment.

This resulted in a successful awareness campaign on skin diseases and enabled 100 patients to get a free consultation with 6 Pediatric Dermatologists and ten Dermatology Residents from 11 training Manila institutions. The event at the mall opened various opportunities for new partnerships and paved the way for similar projects with the Philippine Dermatological Society’s Pediatric Dermatologist specialty sub-group. It also helped transform a consumer campaign into a disease awareness program.

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