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DermoMap HD is a visual dermatological intuitive iPad and iPhone application informing all healthcare professionals and the public about the main 100 skin diseases.

The success of iPads, IPhones and digital tablets, with the rapid development of e-learning sites and applications, is offering new and efficient ways to reach out to health professionals and patients. The benefits are both in terms of reach and data collection.

An iPad and iPhone application for online medical education has been developed in order to share our knowledge on skin information, general symptoms, diagnosis and treatments. DermoMap HD provides images and has an easy search engine tool, as well as an interactive and intuitive guide to help the diagnosis of skin problems.

The application received the award for ‘best health mobile application’ by Sanitas in early 2013 (A Spanish Private Healthcare Company). It is aimed at general practitioners, students, health professionals and patients with curiosity about their condition, as well as general public interested in dermatological education or information.

The objective of the DermoMap is to give access to the latest information on skin diseases and helping people to better understand their concerns. Galderma can also follow trends by collecting data on which skin diseases and information are most searched for and from location and timing.

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