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GECIDOC Oncology annual meeting and awards

The Spanish Academy of Dermatology’s Oncology group is known as the Grupo Español de Dermatología Quirúrgica, Láser y Oncología Cutánea (GECIDOC).

Its structure focuses on Spanish dermatologists looking for scientific knowledge and information on new treatments for skin cancer.

Photodynamic Therapy is a pioneering treatment of skin cancer and particularly for treating non-melanoma skin cancer. Annual meetings are held to share experiences and discuss clinical cases and training, and Galderma supports the oncology group around the Photodynamic Therapy in daily practice of dermatologist oncologists since 2005.

This project is focused on dermatologist education through the sharing of techniques. It aims to improve the work of young physicians who want to learn about oncology, laser treatment and surgery. There are awards given to the best communication and clinical cases demonstrated during the congress. Around 400 dermatologists have benefited from this initiative, from the newly qualified to highly qualified experts.


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